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cultural, economic , administrative and entertainment center of the Makarska Riviera and Dalmatia. Long tourist tradition makes the city of Makarska one of the most attractive destinations of Croatian coast . The town of Makarska Makarska including towns , Makar , Kotišna , Veliko brdo and Puharići. Makarska is named after the village of Makar located above grada. Town has more than 13,000 inhabitants .
The unique beauty of the city is evident at first glance. Mount Biokovo above Makarska always ready to keep back the city and the sea peninsulas St. Peter and Osejava hug and kept from all the trouble . Peninsulas are also the Visitors' parks that offer an opportunity to enjoy all the wonders of nature in one place , from the crystal clear sea, beautiful beaches , towering cliffs, dense pine forests and various plants . Old town harbor which makes it naturally protected part of the city , due to its specific location is the perfect place for a shelter for yachts, boats and other ships during storms.
Promenade in the summer becomes a place of dance, song , laughter, love matches, especially during fishing evenings , concerts and other events.
Downtown seems Square Fra Andrija Kačić Miošić place where numerous cultural , entertainment venues , and where it takes place "Lištun" nightlife Makarska, part of the city and the winter and summer full of young people that their desire to party, meet at nearby clubs, cafes, bars .
For all lovers of adventure guests have park Biokovo and for those looking for long walks definitely recommend beautiful Makarska promenade along the beach .
Certainly part of the city with which the locals are most proud of the long sandy beaches that stretch up to 2 km, and cristal clear water. Beaches abound with lot of restaurants , hotels, bars and entertainment like the trampoline , swings, roundabouts, slides for children to rent bicycles , jet skis, boats , parachutes , scuba diving for the elderly.

Makarska can also be proud of its rich cuisine. In many restaurants you can enjoy real Dalmatian food , various types of fish and other seafood, meat dishes and desserts prepared according to the recipes of old inhabitants of Makarska.

    st.peter makarskaAt the entrance to the port of Makarska is a beautiful statue of St. Peter, patron of the church of Rome, Pope, fishermen, bakers, butchers, bridge builders, watchmakers, shoemakers, hungry and infirm, shipbuilders, and many places around the world. It is situated at the top of the peninsula that protects Makarska bay from the open sea. St. Peter is holding in his hands the keys of heaven, as it is in the gospel, Jesus gave him the keys of the kingdom of heaven. People from all over the world visit this valuable religious monument and believe in his protection and strength . The statue is located in a beautiful area, on one sidethere is whisper of the sea and on the other side there is beutifull carol from the birds in forest on Peninsula St. Peter. From the place where the statue is located opens a beautiful view of the entire city and surrounding area ...
Saint Peter is the oldest patron of our diocese. Christ has chosen the humble, silent Peter and the Church entrusted to him. On the peninsula is St. Peter's Church ...
Our warm recommendation is to visit the statue and its beautiful environment ...
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