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Makarska Nightlife

Nightlife in Makarska have special story. You don`t need spend lot of time to find good place for party, because Makarska is only Dalmatian city where is all nightlife in center of town. All nightlife is happens in one street - Lištun street (pedestrian zone). There is a lot of bars and clubs with different tips of music. All events are on open air on street. Close to the Lištun street near Makarska port are two most popular disco clubs who is working whole night. If you ask somebody "How is nghtlife in Makarska?" they will not lie you if say " That is mecca of nightlife" .


Beach Bar "Buba"

Wildest parties on this side of the Adriatic coast is on Buba beach. Located right along the coast on a pebble stone beach in entrance of Makarska. You can enjoy whole day in fantastic DJ music, dance and after beach parties. At night you can enjoy in popular DJ's, bands and various concerts. www.bubabar.com

Disco club "Petar Pan"

Peter Pan is one of the most popular disco club in Makarska. Work only in the summer time - party all night in the open. Disco can reach more than 1000 people. Petar pan disco are located near the stadium at the end of Makarska harbor. Disco Program includes homemade pop, dance and folk singers, house music, RNB & electro DJ of international guests. More information of the program for this summer you can found at www.petarpan-makarska.com

Disco Club "Deep"

Disco club Deep is located in Makarska on the end of harbor, on Osejava peninsula. It is well known as most beautiful disco club on Croatian coast with DJ music. Disco are located in natural environment close to the sea, in cave from second world war. Club are divided in two different level - cave where you can have party all night and outside close to the sea on rockery are terrace where you can chill out all day and night. More information oft he program for this summer you can find at www.deep.hr


Coctail bars "Smile", "Medin" and "Lištun"

Bars are located in well known street Lištun. Is not wrong is we say that, if you are not been on Lištun it is like you are not visit makarska. You must feel that atmosphere, lot of people from different countries, dancing and drinking on open air till morning.


Night bar Marineta

Working whole year, it is located in center of town. In winter time working every Saturday and in summer time working every day. Terrace of the Marineta offer more than 150 seats for visitors, it is a favorite gathering place for young people, and a cult place for the evening.


Disco "Grotta"

Located in cave on the peninsula of St. Peter, on the west side of the port of Makarska, this is discotheque at two levels can attend concerts of renowned electronic musicians, excellent resident DJs (on the lower level, the cave), or rock and jazz music on the terrace, the upper part.

Pub "Pivac"

Enjoy a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere with DJ music and the hits. Pub " Pivac " is located on the waterfront in a renovated old tavern in the 200-year old building . Indigenous interior taverns helps guests to relax in a pleasant atmosphere with a wide selection of beers .