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Tucepi is a small attractive tourist resort on the Makarska Riviera, distance from the town of Makarska is only 4 km. According to the latest census, the municipality Tucepi has about 1750 inhabitants. Tucepi name is associated with the Illyrian name "Village near the source". A village of Tucepi was first mentioned in the Charter of Kreševo ??1434.g.

Tucepi beach Tucepi beach Tucepi beach

Tucepi has a rich historical heritage in the plains are the oldest Tucepi prehistoric sites . Sacred objects are : the Church of St. George built in the Romanesque- Gothic style at the end of XII century According to a folk legend in this place is buried Venetian Doge Pietro Candian ( 887) . Church of Our Lady's birth ( 1703 ), the church Sv.Kate ( 1541 ) , the Church of St. Rocco, which was built on the foundations of the old church of St. Antonio , which was destroyed by fire in 1891 , the church of Sv. Nicholas Tavelića ( 1989 ) , St. Michael's church was built in the 18th century in the Baroque style , according to the inscription on the church , he gave it to build a nobleman Michael Grubisic , the church of St. Antonio of Padua ( 1891 ) , St. . Martin ( 11th-12th century).

Tucepi beach Tucepi beach Tucepi hotels

During the Candian and Morean War people from Tučepi are participated in the struggle against the Turks, as evidenced by the stone remains Bušelić , Saric and Lalic tower in Upper Tucepi.
Tucepi place developed since ancient times when people here were farmers , and today Tucepi thanks to beautiful beaches , the sea and nature very attractive place for tourists.
Tourist facilities in Tucepi hotels : Adriatic, Alga , Kaštelet Larentum , and numerous other private rentals .

Tucepi hotels Tucepi port Tucepi Makarska Riviera

Tucepi abounds in fine restaurants , taverns where you can taste the best Dalmatian specialties , fish, meat , traditional sweets ....
This place is like any of the Makarska Riviera has a wide range of entertainment for young people , both those nocturnal ( night bars along the beach in the open ) , and one daily joys that are inevitable in any vacation to the beach volleyball ,
table tennis , cycling , water sports, water skiing , pedal boats , jet -ski , parachute to the sea , surfing , scuba diving, fitness , hiking, mini golf, bowling , etc.

Pleasant stay wish everyone who decide to stay at this beautiful place !