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Passport or some other form of identification is needed. Visitors can stay up to three months. Vehicle papers required are the registration booklet (automobile registration card), an international motor vehicle insurance certificate (a green card) and a valid drivers licence.


For personal belongings there are no custom fees. Other items, such as radio telephone, all sorts of professional, technical and sporting equipment, can be freely brought into the country as long they are properly declared at the frontier. Foreign currency can be imported and exported freely. Domestic currency up to value of 2.000 Kuna can be exported. Pets must have adequate vet certificates.


The official currency of the Republic of Croatia is the kuna (divided into 100 lipa). Foreign currency can be changed in banks, official exchange offices and post offices, most tourist agencies and hotels. Eurocheques can be exchanged only in banks. For all goods and services credit cards, as well as cash, can be used to pay (AmEx, Diners, EC/MC, Visa). Foreign citizens can get foreign currency back for unused kuna upon the presentation of an exchange receipt, but only in bank, when leaving Croatia. There are limits on the amount of Croatian currency that can be imported and exported.
Banking hours are 7am to 7pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturday these facilities are open until 1pm. In big cities, some banks are open on Sundays.


Tax return can be claimed by tourists whose purchases exceed 500 kuna, with verified "Tax Checque". A tax refund will be obtained within one year.
Information: Croatian Customs Service (Phone number: + 385 1 61 02 333)


This service is available in all the larger towns, tourist resorts and airports. There is also taxi service in all towns and tourist resorts.


50km/h in inhabited areas, 80km/h outside inhabited areas (unless stated differently), 130km/h on highways. The maximum level of alcohol in the blood is 0.00 parts per thousand.


Eurosuper 95, Eurosuper 98, Super 98, Diesel and Euro diesel.


Open from 7am until 7pm or 8pm every day, and during the summer even until 10pm.There are also gas station that are open non-stop in the larger towns and along the mayor international highways.


220 V, 50 Hz


Tap water is drinkable through Croatia.


Mediterranean climate along the Croatian Coast: hot and sunny days, refreshing and enjoyable evenings.


During the stay in Dalmatia, tourists have a right to health care in the Public Health Centers (Dom zdravlja), out-patient clinics and hospitals. The prices are nominal and correspond to the prices for Croatian citizens. Visitors from the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Great Britain need to to bring only their passports with them. Tourists from other countries should be in a possession of the proper form in addition to their passports. Slovenian guests can use their health cards. For special treatment in private establishments, guests pay the same as locals.


There is a veterinary office in Split which offers treatment including X-ray examination and laboratory.


Post offices work from 7am to 7pm, and on Sundays until 1pm. There are post office in the bigger cities which are open until 10pm in the summer. Stamps are sold in post offices and at the newsstand or in post offices.
Public phones can be used only with phone cards. These can be bought in post offices, news-stand and hotels.

There are two GSM networks in Croatia - HT mobile and VIPNet (both operate on 90 MHz). Croatian GSM providers have a commercial arrangement with GSM operators in numerous countries around the world. Guest-users of GSM can get additional information of GSM services in Croatia contacting following operators on:
HTmobile phone number +385 (0)98 1550
VIPNet phone number +385 (0)91 7700


Shops and department stores are open between 8am and 8pm, and on Saturdays from 8am to 2pm or 3pm. A smaller number of stores close between noon and 4pm.Many stores are open on Sundays too, especially in the summer, and smaller number in the bigger cities are open 24 hours a day. Firms and public services usually work from 8am to 4pm from Monday to Friday.

GMT +1 hour (in summer +2 hours)

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