Podgora Makarska Riviera
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Podgora is small place near Makarska.It is very atractive turistic destination. Podgora have population of 1500.

Podgora the wings of a seagull Podgora beach Podgora beach
Podgora is first time mentioned in 19 century as a birthplace of Don Mihovil Pavlinovic politician and writer. He was first who are speak Croatian language in Dalmatian parlament.

Podgora beach Podgora the Mermaid statue
Podgora is located 9 km from Makarska. In Podgora, the most famouse cultural monument is " The wings of a seagull", in remembrance of the World War II events .
People from Podgora are usually working in tourism. Podgora is very famouse for trees of orange, tangerine and lemon, you can find them in each garden in Podgora.

Podgora beach Podgora beach Podgora beach

Podgora have very beautiful beaches, from Tučepi till Drašnice .
During the Summer you can enjoy in "fisherman nights" which organize domestic people for guests, offering fish, domestic products, vine, olive oil etc.