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Makarska port

One of the most beautiful ports in Dalmatia is Makarska port. Its natural port, structure built by stone are resisted for many years a strong impact northern and southern wind. For keeping old construction is also responsible peninsulas St. Peter and Osejava who are like a mother which hugging and keep our city from the bad weather.

Makarska port Makarska port Makarska port Makarska port

It is biggest and unique port between Cetina in Omiš and Neretva river. Walking along Makarska port you will see lot of different boats, yachts, because Makarska port is unavoidable for all yachtsmen.

Makarska port ficherman Makarska port Makarska port

Makarska port for citizens was before the only conection with other cities. It was an important trading port, especially during the Ottoman and Venetian occupation.

Makarska port Makarska port Makarska port Makarska port

Today Port ferry several times a day for Sumartin on Island Brac.

Makarska port 's 2013th started upgrading the pier on the peninsula Osejava . In this way, the port itself is better protected from the weather , and will provide additional content such as ACI port so they could accommodate as many ships .