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Osjeva Peninsula is part of Makarska port that is " hugging " on the south side and protects against storms .

The peninsula stretches from Makarska until entering Tucepi.

The entrance to the peninsula with the Makarska is located near the eponymous hotel " Osejava " at the end of the harbor . There are several entrances which is people made during the long time so they can easier to reach specific locations on the peninsula.

Osejava Peninsula Nugal beach Osejava Peninsula Osejava beach Osejava Peninsula

The peninsula is also the largest city park , which abounds with pine trees, a variety of plant species and rocks at the foot of beautiful crystal clear sea . Here people tend to enjoy a picnic on the weekends , running, cycling . The park itself is riddled with many small and large tracks.

Part of the peninsula who loves the sea are more works of high cliffs that are suitable for sport climbers and adventurers who wish to adrenaline in the summer jumping from rocks into the sea.

Osejava Peninsula cliffs Osejava Peninsula cliffs Osejava Peninsula Osejava Peninsula Osejava Peninsula Nugal

On the peninsula Osejava is lot of smaller intimate beaches where people want peace and privacy go swimming . Also on the peninsula , the famous nudist beach is " Nugal ."

If you're lucky after a rainy day at the beach Nugal can enjoy in the waterfall.


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