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Here you can find private accommodation houses in Makarska and Makarska Riviera. Houses offer great quality accommodation with convenient prices . Most of the houses have 3 stars accommodation quality. Private accommodation is much cheaper than staying in a hotel and can be very interesting because a guest meets owners and sometimes gets to know more things about way of life of a native people and their customs.

Apartments are accommodation units which can accommodate 2-7 person according to number of beds. They usaly have 1 to 3 bedrooms, 1 to 3 bathrooms. Apartment is a unit that has a bedroom and living room in a separate room. Kitchen can be in a living room. An apartment has at least one bathroom. Bigger apartments can accommodate more people so the price on one guest is the most convenient when all beds are oqupied. Price/person is lower when there is more people in the apartment.

Studio is smaller than apartment and it can accommodate 2 to 3 person and in some cases even 4 person, it has a bedroom, kitchen and a living room all in one room. Also, it must have a bathroom. Price of a studio is usually lower than apartment but the price mostly depends of the quality.

Room as accommodation unit has a bedroom and a bathroom, additionaly it can have a balcony or a terrace. In most cases room doesn't have a kitchen but if a guest insists on a kitchen he can ask house owner about possibility of using owner's kitchen for a higher price. If a kitchen is really necessary then it is better to rent a studio or apartment.

Location of the house is important when renting accommodation. Some people want to stay very close to the center and to the beach but they must be aware that the noise is bigger and those parts of the town are in touristic season overcrowded, accommodation is much more expensive than in distant parts of the town. Accommodation closer to the beach must be reserved even 5-6 months before guest's arrival. Others who like the quiet neighbourhood and silent nights can rent house that is little more distant from the beach and center and they will probably get it for a lower price.

Aircondition in the apartments becomes a standard in Makarska so most of the houses have it installed. Price of airconditioning use is included in the price of accommodation in most houses but also some houses demand that a guest pays additional price for aircondition. Use of aircondition can be bad in the cases when a guest adjusts the temperature to a minimum because of inapropiate use. Difference in temperature outside and inside shouldn't be bigger than 3-4 celsius. Inapropriate use can result with catching a cold and that can be very inconvenient while you are on vacation and can't go bathing in the sea because of catching a cold. When the aircondition is on all doors and windows should be closed.

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